A desktop application which renders paper sticky notes obsolete
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If you are a person who misses certain important dates and tasks, you should consider using this application. This application by Singer's Creations serves as a virtual task listing, right on your computer desktop. StickIt is just like a real sticky note and it can be placed anywhere on the desktop and you will find it at the same place even if you reboot the system. To get rid of it, you need to delete it. One of the advantages of StickIt is that the notes can be created with different fonts and colors (even background colors), corresponding to your preferences. Most interestingly, this program allows you to share your tasks with others by sending notes to other computers on the network with custom settings. A StickIt note stays on top of all the desktop files and other windows. The program also comes with features like copy to clipboard, quick edit, note archive and printing options. The Options menu allows to customize the tray icon, alerts and sounds (you can choose any from your own collection).

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  • Numerous options to customize.
  • Notes can be sent over network


  • No Linux or Mac version.
  • The interface is only in English
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